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Through a duct system, your HVAC system transports warm or cool air throughout your home. However, it is prone to clogging with time, causing the machine to provide inefficient conditioned air. Luxe Ducts outlines the warning signs to look for and how to check for ducting obstructions today.
A temperature discrepancy is the most obvious indicator of clogged air ducts in your home. This is most likely to occur if you set your whole-home thermostat to the appropriate setting only to discover that one region is warmer or colder than the others
Because a clogged air duct cannot reach the temperature you set on your thermostat, your HVAC system must work twice as hard to effectively warm or cool it. This will raise your monthly energy bills and put your heating and cooling systems at risk of early failure.
Clogs in your ductwork will prevent proper airflow, resulting in poor indoor air quality. You will most likely acquire respiratory problems such as sneezing and coughing as a result of the presence of stale air and the poisons it carries. Two examples are mold and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
A trained heating and air conditioning repair technician can help you diagnose and resolve this issue. Make certain that there is a clog in the air ducts before contacting the pros. To begin, switch on your HVAC system and wait for the fan to start blowing. Examine the airflow vents in each region, noting which ones seem to be blowing less.
Also, try removing the filters while checking the ducts. Examine the air vents in the rooms with poor airflow. If no improvement is made, a specific duct may be blocked. Then, before checking your ductwork, remove the vent covers and look behind the vent grille for dirt. With a flashlight, inspect the inside of the ducts, noting any damage around the seams and checking that the dampers are open.
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The Luxe Ducts Promise

What to expect when you hire us.

After initial contact, we will immediately enter your contact information into our state of the art customer database. Our customer database will send four notifications. The first confirms our appointment, the second is when we are on our way with our estimated arrival time, the third is when the process begins and the last is once we have completed the process. This is when an automatic invoice will be generated. After that, you will receive your immediate confirmation of payment received. 

We ask that any furniture or obstruction in front of the registers or vents are removed so that we may have access. We are a pet friendly company but will be leaving and re-entering your home, so we ask that you secure them. The entire process beginning to end is approximately 4 to 5 hours.

Two technicians wearing a Luxe Ducts uniform, who will be driving a company marked vehicle, will arrive at your home. Upon entering your home they will wear pink booties. We kindly ask that you show us where all the furnace and/or dryer vents are located.

Our team will then prepare your home for the process which means putting masking tape over vents and registers, laying down protective floor runners, as well as corner guards to protect the corners of your walls. 

Luxe Ducts goes to each individual vent, return and trunk lines. We use a high powered speed whip and use high powered gas vacuums to ensure your ducts are perfectly cleaned every time, guaranteed. 

(If this service is added) After the ventilation system is clean, we will fog anti-bacterial sanitizer throughout the entire system to eliminate any minor molding, bacteria and viruses in your ductwork. Once completed we will turn your newly sanitized home back to you.  

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