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How Do Your Air Ducts Accumulate Dirt?

Today, ducted HVAC systems are still used in the majority of homes and workplaces. In a multi-room building, having a ducted system simply makes sense if you need to supply an even amount of cold or hot air to each individual room.
You may be highly conscientious about keeping your HVAC system clean, well-maintained, safe, and efficient. Perhaps you’ve set aside time for yearly or biannual inspections and maintenance. Perhaps you change the air filters on a regular basis to prevent wear and tear.
However, when the outside air is drawn into your house or workplace and temperature-adjusted for your comfort, it picks up minute quantities of dust, dirt, debris, pollen, and pollutants. Although your air filters remove as much as they can, some remain in the air ducts.
As stale indoor air is forced outside to make room for new incoming air, certain airborne debris, such as pet hair and dander, dust mites, and germs, becomes trapped inside your air ducts. These never make it back outside, instead of becoming lodged in your air ducts.
Small animals can also get into your house beneath eaves or via holes in attic crawlspaces and establish their winter home within your air ducts, leaving trash and droppings behind. This, like the dust and other contaminants, accumulates.
As more dust, dander, rat waste, and other unwanted pollutants accumulate in your air ducts, your HVAC system must work harder and harder to push and draw air through the ducts. Your filter strains out particles over and over again, and your interior air becomes heavier with irritants and allergens.
And this is happening EVEN IF you have a five-star HVAC maintenance and inspection strategy in place.
However, once you become aware of what has been going on inside your air duct system, everything begins to change.
In less than a day, you may move from polluted air to fresh, clean, breathing, healthier air.
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The Luxe Ducts Promise

What to expect when you hire us.

After initial contact, we will immediately enter your contact information into our state of the art customer database. Our customer database will send four notifications. The first confirms our appointment, the second is when we are on our way with our estimated arrival time, the third is when the process begins and the last is once we have completed the process. This is when an automatic invoice will be generated. After that, you will receive your immediate confirmation of payment received. 

We ask that any furniture or obstruction in front of the registers or vents are removed so that we may have access. We are a pet friendly company but will be leaving and re-entering your home, so we ask that you secure them. The entire process beginning to end is approximately 4 to 5 hours.

Two technicians wearing a Luxe Ducts uniform, who will be driving a company marked vehicle, will arrive at your home. Upon entering your home they will wear pink booties. We kindly ask that you show us where all the furnace and/or dryer vents are located.

Our team will then prepare your home for the process which means putting masking tape over vents and registers, laying down protective floor runners, as well as corner guards to protect the corners of your walls. 

Luxe Ducts goes to each individual vent, return and trunk lines. We use a high powered speed whip and use high powered gas vacuums to ensure your ducts are perfectly cleaned every time, guaranteed. 

(If this service is added) After the ventilation system is clean, we will fog anti-bacterial sanitizer throughout the entire system to eliminate any minor molding, bacteria and viruses in your ductwork. Once completed we will turn your newly sanitized home back to you.  

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