Do you want to invite family over for the holidays? Before They Come: The Advantages of Duct Cleaning

When family comes to your house for the holidays, you may want to make sure that everything is in order for your guests. You may hire a carpet cleaner to clean your carpet and tiles, hire a maid or spend time washing your house, and spend endless hours decorating and cooking to create the right ambiance for your holiday festivities. However, there is one item that is sometimes overlooked that might be good to have done before visitors arrive: duct cleaning. Knowing the advantages of having your ductwork cleaned before visitors arrive will help you decide if you want to get yours done.

Removes Odors in Your Home

One of the advantages of duct cleaning is that it helps to eradicate unpleasant odors from your house. Have you ever cleaned your house and carpets only to find the aroma of your dog or cigarette smoke lingering? This is due to the aroma remaining in the ducts and being distributed about when you switch on your air conditioner or heater. Duct cleaning aids in the removal of all of these odors, leaving your house smelling fresh and clean for your guests.

Improves Your Heater’s Efficiency

Another advantage of duct cleaning is that it improves the efficiency of your heater. If you have visitors over, you may want to keep your house a little warmer or run the heater more frequently than if you were at work all day. Unfortunately, this might result in an increase in your energy cost. However, having your ducts cleaned eliminates dust and debris that slows the passage of air through the ducts, allowing you to provide the warmest air possible to your house. This minimizes the amount of time the heater needs to run to heat your house, which may help you save money on your energy costs.

It reduces the quantity of dust in your home.

The last advantage of having your ducts cleaned before family visits for the holidays is that it helps to lessen the quantity of dust in your home. This can help your house seem cleaner for longer periods of time and can be useful to family members who suffer from allergies or asthma. When the ducts are unclean, dust can be pushed through them and into your home. This does not occur when they are clean.

If you want to have relatives, come this holiday season, there are several advantages to having your air ducts cleaned before they arrive.

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We ask that any furniture or obstruction in front of the registers or vents are removed so that we may have access. We are a pet friendly company but will be leaving and re-entering your home, so we ask that you secure them. The entire process beginning to end is approximately 4 to 5 hours.

Two technicians wearing a Luxe Ducts uniform, who will be driving a company marked vehicle, will arrive at your home. Upon entering your home they will wear pink booties. We kindly ask that you show us where all the furnace and/or dryer vents are located.

Our team will then prepare your home for the process which means putting masking tape over vents and registers, laying down protective floor runners, as well as corner guards to protect the corners of your walls. 

Luxe Ducts goes to each individual vent, return and trunk lines. We use a high powered speed whip and use high powered gas vacuums to ensure your ducts are perfectly cleaned every time, guaranteed. 

(If this service is added) After the ventilation system is clean, we will fog anti-bacterial sanitizer throughout the entire system to eliminate any minor molding, bacteria and viruses in your ductwork. Once completed we will turn your newly sanitized home back to you.  

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